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Delivering Excellence

Practical, Logistical & Professional Experience

Why We Do What We Do:

We love what we do and we are passionate about the landscapes we live in and are driven to ensure we help improve and safe guard them for the future.

We believe in offering a professional local service that enables us to build trusted long term relationships that ensure the success of long term projects.

Our Aim:

Hay Fell aims to support land owners engagement with their land and to help them successfully deliver their projects.

Delivering Professional Excellence:

Hay Fell offers clients the opportunity to access to our extensive practical, logistic and professional experience enabling them to successfully achieve their desired outcomes.

We are able to supply quality professional services via the means of our experienced qualified professional operators. We have extensive experience in all the services we offer and all our operators are NPTC, LANTRA, FISA and EFAW +F qualified.

Hay Fell is committed to delivering the best safe practices and is a member of:

Forest Industry Safety Accord
FISA (Forest Industry Safety Accord)
Institute of Chartered Foresters
The Institute of Chartered Foresters
Confor Member
Forestry Contracting Association
The Forestry Contractors Association

Safety: Experienced Operators

All of the works undertaken by Hay Fell is carried out by competent, qualified operators with extensive experience. To ensure safety standards are met, all our operators regularly attend industry refresher courses and adhere to FISA (Forestry Industry Safety Accord).

Works are monitored throughout the project so to ensure operator, public and environmental safety and specifications are met with progress feedback being available to clients.

Safely is paramount and is continually monitored with daily checks and structured feedback protocols in place.

Operational Practices are regularly reviewed and updated as per industry guidelines.

We operate a close nit team that supports individuals in terms of their professional development and their health and wellbeing.

Hay Fell is dedicated to investing in industry best practice and people development helping us to deliver an exceptional service to clients.

We are experts in the tasks they undertaken and we are driven to deliver a high quality service to ensure your projects succeed.

Please feel free to get in touch and discuss your project and discover how we can help you achieve you desired outcome.